Friday, May 14, 2010

Glan, Sarangani: Discover the Hidden Paradise

Location: Isla Jardin del Mar 
          (travel date April 23, 2010)
          approx. 5 46' 27.20"N / 125 12' 01.69"E

written: May 13, 2010

An hour drive from General Santos City, you will discover a silent town with the most breathtaking views. You will pass by the coastal road of Sarangani Bay with very few vehicles along the way. When you reach Glan, you will see signs of different resorts like Brod Louie, White Haven, Rosal and Coco Beach (not in particular order). But head on further to Isla Jardin del Mar where the long stretch of white sand captivate you. Nice native cottages, with fan or airconditioned are located beach front. You may park your vehicles beside your cottage, so it's not difficult to unload passengers or baggages... and you can bring food too!!! you may do the cooking in the grilling stations. For safety, there are fire extinguishers (hose and tanks) near the cottages as native huts are high risk of fire. I'd like to advise you to bring food when you stay in this resort coz most of the time, the food in the menu is not available and very few choices. And they don't deliver food in the cottages. It's a good exercise to buy food, but sometimes the attendants are not accommodating, except when you ask for the manager so he could assist your needs.

     View on the right side
     when facing the ocean...  

beachfront cottages 
with parking area on the side

They, however have open cottages on the other side of the beach... doesn't cost much at all. They have rates for day tour and overnight. The common bathrooms and comfort rooms are clean. But one thing I noticed about staying in the closed cottages is that they don't have housekeepers to clean your cottages everyday nor replace towels... and that's too bad. The doors and windows have large gaps when closed, so expect mosquitoes (lots!!!) And now that there's always power interruption, the aircon doesn't perform it's function well, so you might decide getting the fan cooled room coz it's cheaper.

 The open cottages, 
with daytime or overnight rates

The restaurant
 with volleyball area in front...

The floating cottage. 
You need to swim far during high tide... 

The starfishes along the shores. 
They're cute, pls don't do them any harm...

Wake up to this view... 
if you feel like you're just dreaming, 
pls don't slap your face... ☺☼♥

Imagine yourself sitting here and relaxing...

Just right in front of your cottages.

Don't forget to bring your snorkeling gears...  

very nice coral reef and lots of fishes tiny or big...

But most of all, one must not forget to bring your cameras and aim for the most beautiful sunset I've ever seen...
here in GLAN, Sarangani...

P.S. lots of thanks to the manager of the resort who treated us well...


  1. another new talent of yours :> womderful pics :> indeed it is a silent island wherein few people haven't known YET a splendid place to visit :>

  2. hi...cherie here. loves sand, water and beaches...nice place.can you help me contact owners or resort caretaker. thanx.

  3. hi.. just want to ask about the night rate of open and close cottages..
    and kung may corkage pa ba till now.. kasi last january, may corkage.. hope to hear from you .. thanks

  4. Hi Ms. Cherie I searched for numbers and this is all I found from this link >>>
    For inquiries and reservation, call Sydney Hotel at 552-5479 to 81 or (0910) 758-1239.
    I don't even know what's the area code of the landline posted but maybe you'd like to try the cel no.

  5. Hi Ms. Melody. when we visited the place, we were charged P2500 for the airconditioned cottage good for 6 persons. I think the fan/closed/cottages are at P1600. Also I didn't bother to ask about the corkage coz we didn't bring food and that was sad coz they just opened early this year and the choices are very few. But one local tourist told me that they only paid P100 for all the food they brought irregardless of the number of people.

  6. Hi Virginia,

    Nice blog and photos.

    how can I book the air conditioned cottages? Do you have an email or telephone number of the cottages?